Wandering Aimlessly


Archery / Elk Report

by Phil Burkhouse


The news from the deer woods is things are going very slowly.  Jake and I had scouted most evenings the two weeks prior to the archery season opener on October 1st since he can only hunt for deer during October.  Jake is into basketball, and his regular practice begins in November.  He will, unfortunately, miss the best two weeks of archery season.  We have a long six week season, but the last two weeks of the season, with the deer rut on the rise, is definitely worth the entire month of October.

Little Bear is into Junior High football and will only be able to hunt on Saturdays until November, so he will definitely have the last two weeks to hunt.  Big Isaac is into Storm football, but that ended over the weekend, so he will hunt the last five weeks of archery season.  All the boys are rearing to go, but when I asked seven-year-old Cora if she wants to hunt, she just grins at me and says, “No thanks, Papa.”  She’s still in the training stages; her day will come.


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