Wandering Aimlessly


A Skinhead For the Little Bear

by Phil Burkhouse


Little Bear Wes is now 13 and well on his way to becoming a full grown bear.  Wes had been involved with the Junior High football team, and with games every Thursday and practices the other week nights, his hunting time had been limited to Saturdays.  Junior High played their final game on October 27th, so Wes will get to hunt the prime archery deer weeks in November.  Unfortunately, his older brother, Big Jake, will be terminating his daily evening hunting schedule since his basketball practice begins in November.

I informed Wes that October 20-22 was the junior/senior rifle hunt for antlerless deer, and he said he would try for a doe on the last Saturday, October 22.  Jake, on the other hand, at age 15 is still eligible to hunt the junior hunt but opted out to try for a “monster buck” with his crossbow.  On Thursday, October 20th, the Junior High football team won their next to last game in a thunderstorm, and then we received over four inches of rain through Friday.  Friday afternoon Wes called to inform me his practice had been cancelled—the hunt was on.

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