Wandering Aimlessly


Iz and a Cameron County 11-Point

by Phil Burkhouse


It was Wednesday evening, October 26th, and Mary and I had one grandson at football practice and two grandsons perched on the ridges in tree stands.  Big Jake clamored out of his tree stand at quitting time and informed me he had seen numerous squirrels and one doe.  About that time the cell phone went off, and I heard son-in-law Ralph Grovanz’s voice say, “Phil, we need your truck.”

Ralph had shot a Rich Valley nine-point the previous week, and I knew he and Isaac were hunting in a tree stand south of Emporium.  They were in area 2G, and Big Jake and I were in 2H.  I said to Ralph, “Jake and I can be there in a half hour; what did Isaac get?”



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