Wandering Aimlessly

Joe-Pye Weed
by Phil Burkhouse

Last week’s question asked what local native wildflower presently in full bloom is named for an Indian healer named Jopi. Jopi in native tongues was an Indian healer in the 1800s from New England. He used the plant, which led to the name Joe-Pye weed to treat a variety of ailments.
Joe-Pye weed is native to the United States and Canada and is common in our area. They are members of the sunflower family and were used by the Indians to cure fevers, kidney stones, and urinary tract ailments.
Joe-Pye weed is a tall plant, sometimes reaching six or seven feet in height, with a large cluster of purple to pink flowers forming a head on top of the plant. It is an edible plant that is classified as an herb and is an amazing butterfly attractant.


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